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Cattolica, Queen of the Adriatic Sea

Cattolica, the Queen of the Adriatic Sea, on the border with the Marches is the perfect place to spend your summer holidays:
here you'll find white, sandy and family-friendly beach services. At the beach you can rent umbrellas and deck chairs; attend gym and cross dance classes; use the beach volleyball – basketball - and beach soccer courts, whirlpools and swimming pools; play table tennis, table football and bowls. For kids there are now playground with castles, slides and small pools.
Worthwhile to be visited are the squares with their fountains, the historic centre with its shopping areas, the beach promenade towards the new docks.
Cattolica has good entertainment opportunities for all ages. Cattolica means light, music and fun, the typical aspects of this strip of land called Romagna.

Dancing Fountains

Piazza 1 Maggio, also called "Piazza delle Sirene" takes its name from a beautiful fountain that stands right in the middle of the square. This fountain represents three sirens wrapped by soft and sensual drapes. Being the scenic background of our Hotel Villa Fulgida this is the meeting place for everybody who wants to enjoy the town on this side by the sea. Every evening there is a special performance of dancing fountains, nearly every day it is the spot where special summer events take place.


The City Centre

The heart of Cattolica is the area that starts from Piazza 1° Maggio and goes all along Bovio - and Curiel Street. A walk there is a pleasant possibility of high class shopping. During summer evenings the square is a lively area where street actors, acrobats and mimes involve tourists. From a cultural point of view a visit to the Malatesta Fortress, the Church of Santa Apollinare and the Museum of the Queen is a must.


Town Hall

Our Town Hall is on Roosevelt Square, one of the most beautiful areas of Cattolica. A large green area makes the square nice and shadowy. A walk there is refreshing also thanks to the fabulous fountains with their water games. In springtime, exactly in May, this spot becomes the stage for a great flower exposition, known as "Festival of Flowers". The building itself is an important neo-Renaissance-style.


Market Square

Walk along Via Bovio, bypass Piazza Nettuno and you’ll arrive at the Market Square. This is the commercial heart and centre of Cattolica. Around the long square, there are important buildings such as the covered meat- and fish market, the Snaporaz theatre and cinema, shops and offices. During summer time the square becomes a stage where everybody can perform classical and Latin American dances.


Museum of the Queen

Opened in 2000, the new “Museum of the Queen” of Catholic hosts two sections: archaeological and maritime. The archaeological findings start from prehistoric times ending to a large collection of the Roman period. The maritime section hosts large models of traditional boats fishermen sailed here on the Adriatic Sea.


The multipurpose cultural center

This polyvalent cultural Centre is the result of an architectural project of the '70s. It has a semicircular structure and hosts the City Library, the Theatre as well as the Post Office. The square forms an arena where the most important events and concerts take place open air. The theatre with its 700 seats is ideal for meetings, conferences and cultural performances.



The oldest church of town is Sant’ Apollinare. Once placed inside the medieval "castrum", its first construction goes back to the end of the 13th century. Nowadays it is the result of many renovations, but it still preserves in its interior works of considerable importance. The Church of S. Pio V is dedicated to the town’s Patron Saint. It has been built in the 2nd half of the 19th century. The churches of Sant’ Antonio and San Benedetto are recent constructions.


Pedestrian Area

Dante Street is a pleasant pedestrian area. Completely closed to the traffic it is ideal for a quiet walk not far away from the sea but with the typical urban character of one shop after the other.


Beach and Sea

This is a pleasant relaxing trail that starts from one end of the town, the harbour, and ends at the other side of the city of Cattolica. It is right behind the beach establishments with their mini-pools, hot tubs and water games. Bars and pubs make this promenade an easy and pleasurable way of enjoying your walk.


The Dock

The new life of Cattolica’s docks started in 2008 when this area along the channel harbour got completely remodernized and re-styled. The new docks allow about 200 boats to be moored there. The water is surrounded by a platform overlooking the whole area with restaurants, bars and shopping opportunities.